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Premier Rocky Mountain Real Estate, Mountain Property for Sale
Lot 2A - $89,500
Idaho Waterfront Property For Sale

2.44 Acres
Idaho Mountain Home For Sale 
Lot 2B - $349,900
Stunning Idaho Homes 

2.79 Acres
Idaho Acreage for sale on the Idaho / Montana Border - THE Premier Rocky Mountain Real Estate!
Enter Moose Creek Estates Gated Entry to your private Recreational Paradise
We invite you to visit us to view 17 of 30 available Idaho Acreage 2 to 8 acre lots and 2 model homes for sale.
Seller Financing Available - CURRENT PRICE SPECIAL (click here) 
I plan to be retired by year end. I missed the birth of my last granddaughter in TX while showing property here. Never again!

Idaho Mountain Homes for Sale, This stunning home is on lot 2B at Moose Creek Estates premier Idaho Rocky Mountain real estate
Lot 5A- $239,500
Idaho River Property For Sale
​Elk Love the High Benches on lot 5A

6.76 Acres
Idaho Log Home For Sale 
Lot 6 Luxury Lodge in Moose Creek Estates Gated Community 

The finest in rustic luxury log homes!
$749,900 (Cost us $1.25 Million to build)
Combine with lot 5B for a total of 10.25 acres​ for $849,900.
5.64 Acres
Idaho River Property For Sale Lot 5A
Idaho Log Homes For Sale in Gated Community a Premier Rocky Mountain Real Estate
Lot 10B - $109,500
Near Salmon Idaho, Land for Sale

2.50 Acres
Lot 11 - $99,500
Idaho Waterfront Property For Sale - A Cantilevered Deck out Over the North Fork River Would be Perfect on a Home on Lot 11

2.79 Acres
Salmon Idaho Land For Sale Mature Pine Trees at Moose Creek Estates
Idaho Waterfront Property For Sale Lot 11 near Montana Border
Lot 12 - $104,500
Idaho Waterfront Land For Sale

2.50 Acres
Lot 14 - $139,500 
Land For Sale in Idaho a Beautiful River Front Lot with a Great Aspen Grove


4.59 Acres
Idaho Waterfront Land For Sale Lot 12
Land for sale in Idaho Lot 14, Idaho Waterfront Property
Lot 15 - $149,500
Idaho Mountain Land with Great Vistas

3.36 Acres
Lot 16 - $104,500
Idaho Mountain Properties For Sale

3.34 Acres
Idaho Mountain Land For Sale Lot 15 at Moose Creek Estates
Idaho Mountain Properties for Sale Lot 16 - Hunting Land for Sale
Lot 17A - $139,500
Idaho Real Estate Acreage 
Scenic River Front Property 

3.81 Acres
Lot 17B - $209,500
River Front Property by Owner in Idaho
Rocky Mountain Land for Sale Enjoys Beautiful River Views

1.84 Acres
Idaho Real Estate Acreage a Scenic River Front Property at Moose Creek Estates
Property by Owner in Idaho, Rocky Mountain Land for Sale, Lot 17B
Lot 19 - $104,500
Waterfront Lots For Sale
Close to Salmon Idaho Real Estate

4.15 Acres
Lot 20 - $158,900
Idaho Fishing Property For Sale -
Unique Waterfront Properties

6.07 Acres
Salmon Idaho Waterfront Lots Real Estate for Sale Lot 19
Idaho Fishing Property for Sale at Moose Creek Estates Premier Idaho Mountain Real Estate
Lot 21 - $114,500
Buy Land in Idaho with this premier River Property For Sale

4.38 Acres
Lot 24A - $149,500
Mountain Top Property with Great Views of the North Fork River Valley and Pierce Creek Valley For Sale

2.80 Acres
Buy Land in Idaho a premier river property with mature pine trees
Buy Idaho Land River Property For Sale near Montana Land Real Estate Lot 24A
Bob Wilson horseback riding on Kota in the mountains east of  Moose Creek Estates - Premier  Idaho acreage for sale.
Clouds sitting low on the hills above the beautiful pond at Moose Creek Estates model home.  A dream luxury mountain home.
A couple hundred elk move into this Idaho area on and around Moose Creek Estates each spring.  The cows have their calves and they remain in the area til the snow gets deep in the winter.
Nestled in the Rocky Mountains on a picture perfect snowy day is this luxury log home for sale at Moose Creek Estates.
2.5 mile road through Moose Creek Estates Mountain Property for sale near the Idaho and Montana Border, just 4 miles from Lost Trail Mountain Ski Resort.
North Fork of the Salmon River runs the entire length of Moose Creek Estates Idaho land lots for sale, home and model home for sale.
Moose Creek Estates Idaho mountain property gated community snowy sunset.
One of the many ownership benefits at Moose Creek Estates is witnessing wildlife such as these meandering twin fawns.
A large bull elk who was caught on trail camera is one of the herd of about 200 head of elk that come to Moose Creek Estates and the immediate area to have their babies in the spring and stay til deep snow falls.
The blooming bear grass look surreal in the spring.
Moose Creek Estates has 2 state-of-the-art fire pumper trailers with draft pumps to fill from the river or ponds at Moose Creek.  The local fire department is only 7 miles away as well.
The North Fork of the Salmon River flows through the 2.5 mile valley of Moose Creek Estates.
Wildflowers are abundant in this beautiful valley.
Notice how the grouse blends into the forest as nature's form of protection.
There are several timber surfaced log bridges across the North Fork of the Salmon River as it runs the 2.5 miles through Moose Creek Estates to provide more than 3 miles of hiking / biking trails and fishing access.
Moose Creek Estates is graced with a rainbow of wildflowers from early spring until into September.
Idaho Waterfront Property For Sale, Lot 2A , Idaho Real Estate

I can still remember the first time I arrived at Moose Creek Estates.  I was overwhelmed by the beauty and calm of the place.  MCE is to this day the most serene place I've ever been.  The property has had so much care, so much effort put in to keeping it beautiful and in such amazing shape.  I love the walking trails, the creek, the endless wildlife and the proximity to great areas like Lost Trail Ski Resort, Salmon Idaho and even world class steelhead fishing.  
My family loves it, my friends who have spent a couple weekends at Moose Creek all love it, and I love it.  I can't wait for the next chance to get back to a true home away from home, which is why I bought here over 2 years ago.
Nate Speer
Carlsbad, CA
Idaho Land For Sale Faqs at Moose Creek Estates Premier Mountain Property For Sale
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Idaho River Property For Sale Lot 5A
Lot 5B- $159,500
$50,000 if purchased with Lodge Lot 6
Idaho River Property For Sale
​Obviously, Elk Enjoy Lot 5B

4.61 Acres 
Idaho River Property For Sale Lot 5A
Lot 3- $289,500
Idaho River Property For Sale
Borders National Forest on 2 Sides
Moose Runs along Entire North Side


7.72 Acres 
Lot 10A - $299,500
Near Salmon Idaho, Land for Sale
Backs up to Beautiful Valley


2.52 Acres 
Salmon Idaho Land For Sale Mature Pine Trees at Moose Creek Estates
Bob Wilson