The Salmon Idaho area is one of the Finest Recreational Retreats in the World
Purchase your Idaho acreage at Moose Creek Estates and benefit from 3 million acres of land in Lemhi County.  Only about 7% of that land is privately owned.  The population of Lemhi County is only about 10,000 people.  The 2 plus million acres of land are an outdoor paradise for all kinds of recreation.  
Experience nature at its finest just footsteps from your front door! - Outdoor Life rated Salmon, ID #1 in the US for hunting & fishing.
Salmon, Idaho area offers world class fishing in rivers, lakes, and streams
Drop a fishing line in your own back yard in the North Fork River Corridor at Moose Creek Estates; in the famous Salmon River, just 20 miles away; and in discovered high mountain lakes and streams.  Many local Idaho fishing outfitters are happy to share their knowledge of the area and their fly fishing skills when they take you and your friends fishing for Steelhead, Salmon or Trout by jet boat, dory boat or shore fishing.
World Renowned Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking on the Famous Salmon River
Tourists travel from all over the world to float the famous Salmon River, Moose Creek Estate residents can enjoy this summer adventure just 20 or 30 minutes from home!  Float mild waters to adventurous whitewater!  Discover along the way amazing scenery, brilliant blue skies, natural hot springs, abundant wildlife, steep canyons.  Pull in to shore to discover natural hot springs, amazing hiking trails then enjoy a picnic lunch and even drop in a fishing line.  Use your own raft to float the river, or set out for a leisurely afternoon float, day float, or 3 to 7 day float with one of our local Idaho whitewater rafting outfitters.
4-Wheeling, Horseback Riding, and Hiking are thrilling ways to explore Idaho
ATV enthusiasts, horseback riders, hikers, and mountain bikers venture out on miles and miles of trails and logging roads in the National Forest surrounding Moose Creek Estates.  Discover old ghost towns, wildlife, flora, and the old West while you explore this magical place on your own or join one of many clubs in our area for exciting group trips.
Capture Wildlife and Scenic Photos every day!
Life at Moose Creek Estates offers unlimited opportunities to view and photograph wildlife such as soaring eagles and birds, Bighorn Sheep, mountain goats, mule deer, whitetail deer, elk, moose, mountain lion, black bear,   The magnificent scenic views, landscapes, mountains, canyons, sunrise, sunset, flowers, forest on acres and acres of land offer endless opportunities to photograph nature's splendor.  Many talented photographers and photography clubs are great inspiration and opportunities to share your talents.
Snowmobiling, Cross Country Skiing, Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding just 5 minutes from Moose Creek
The glorious land surrounding Moose Creek Estates is truly a Winter paradise for those who love outdoor winter sports.  Bring your friends or make new friends when you downhill Ski and Snowboard at Lost Trail Powder Mountain Ski Resort located 4 miles up the road on the Montana Border.  Enjoy the solitude and brilliant snow covered trees as you cross country ski or snowshoe through miles of Idaho and Montana cross country trails.  Ice fish on mountain lakes and rivers.  Ice skating, a hot toddy, friends gathered around a cozy fire at the end of a brisk day, life here is truly as picture perfect as you could hope for!

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Idaho steelhead fishing in a drift boat near Moose Creek Estates where Living in Harmony with nature is a way of life!
Idaho drift boat steelhead fishing and trying their luck on the river bank.
Boarding the boat to prepare for Idaho jet boat fishing down the Salmon River.
Idaho fishing from the ice down the Salmon River located near Moose Creek Estates premier Rocky Mountain real estate
Steelhead fish caught in the Salmon River - (Photo Courtesy of Rawhide Outfitters)
Another fine Steelhead fish caught in the Salmon River with Idaho's Rawhide Outfitters fishing guides (Photo courstesy of Rawhide Outfitters)
A great day fishing with Rawhide Outfitters.  Steelhead fish caught in the Salmon River, famous for Steelhead fishing, Trout and Salmon.  (Photo courtesty of Rawhide Outfitters)
An Idaho jet boat fishing  trip running up-river in search of those wily steelhead!
Idaho drift boat fishing the Salmon River - "Hey, I only brought one beer each"
Idaho Steelhead fishing from the Salmon River shore near Moose Creek Estates Idaho Real Land for Sale
Idaho whitewater rafting in the Salmon River canyon
Salmon River rafters paddling through fast white water
Exciting anticipation builds as this group approaches the Salmon River white water.
Teamwork pays off in the whitewater on the Salmon River just 20 milnutes from Moose Creek Estates
Pine Creek Rapids on the Salmon River famous for whitewater rafting and steelhead fishing
Salmon River view from the mountain top near Shoup, Idaho
Into the whitewater on the Salmon River.
Inflatable kayak underwater on the Salmon River, just like a rubber ducky it popped up just fine!
Safe after going overboard on the Salmon River
Gentle float trip in slow water on the Salmon River
Idaho Whitewater Rafting Family Trip
Idaho ATV Trails and Montana ATV Trails - Returning on the trail over the Continental Divide to Miner Lakes
Idaho ATV Trails offer spectacular views such as this view from the  West Fork of Wimpy Creek Valley
Horseback riding in Idaho offers miles of trails to explore.  Set out on your own, with a local outfitter or join a horseback riding club in the area for group outings.
Idaho hiking trails - Looking down on Sheep Creek from above the clouds!
Idaho 4-wheeling trails leading to the top of the world near Moose Creek Estates premier Idaho mountain real estates. Dylan and Jessica in the snow at 10,500 feet above sea level and 6,500 feet above Salmon, ID
View from mountain top towards Salmon, Idaho
Idaho hiking trails take you to beautiful  high mountain lakes.  Friends on the continental divide looking down on Upper Miner Lake in Montana.  Note the glaciers in the background in this September photo.
Idaho ATV Trails, Mountain Trails and Horseback Riding Trails.  A small group of us left Moose Creek Estates to ride 4 wheelers into UP Lake, a high mountain lake near Salmon, Idaho.  The ride was great, the trail rough, and the lake incredibly beautiful.  Just another day in paradise.
From this Idaho mountain top, it seems like you can see forever.
Beth Wilson enjoying Idaho horseback riding in the mountains east of Moose Creek Estates premier mountain property for sale.
4-wheeling near UP Lake in Montana near Moose Creek Estates
Montana ski lessons at Lost Trail Powder Mountain Ski Resort located just 4 miles from Moose Creek Estates mountain land for sale.
Idaho snowmobile trails to US Forest Service campground at Iron Lake near Salmon, Idaho and Moose Creek Estates acreage for sale
Snowmobile on Idaho snowmobiling trails with good friends John Goodman and Donny Moore
One of five ski lifts at Lost Trail Powder Mountain Ski Resort in Montana
Lost Trail Powder Mountain near Moose Creek Estates premier Rocky Mountain Real Estate has some of the best snow in Montana for ski jumping.
Montana snowboarding at Lost Trail Powder Mountain Ski Resort just 5 minutes from Moose Creek Estates land for sale.
Lift lines are short at Lost Trail Powder Mountain Ski Resort
Great snowmobiling and  Bob Wilson's having a little TOO MUCH FUN at Lake Mountain near his model home for sale at Moose Creek Estates
On the snowmobile trails in the mountains with good friends near Moose Creek Estates Idaho land for sale.
Ahhh... a spectacular day at Lost Trail Powder Mountain Ski Resort  Fabulous powder, hot chocolate in the ski lodge, unforgettable views and COULD BE just 5 minutes from your new home at  Moose Creek Estates Gated Community, premier Idaho mountain land for sale.
Exploring a cabin on the  Montana side of Gibbonsville Pass just about 10 miles from Moose Creek Estates Idaho property for sale
Witness the wonder of wildlife roaming freely in Idaho near Moose Creek Estates Idaho mountain land for sale.  Photo of Bighorn Ram on the Salmon River (Photo by Merissa Goodman)
Trophy Bull Elk Caught on Trail Camera at Moose Creek Estates. We Control Access to 2.5 miles of National Forest Frontage & 10's of Thousands of Acres. Trophy Deer, Elk, Black Bear, etc. Abound on the Property & in the Forest around it.
Bighorn Rams near Moose Creek Estates premier Rocky Mountain Land for Sale
Black Bear down the Salmon River most likely in search of berries!
Buy land in Idaho to enjoy wildlife such as  the majesty of a proud mule deer buck
Moments to remember, Cow elk with her calf.
Shiras bull moose near Moose Creek Estates
Twin fawns only a couple days old on the Moose Creek Estates North Fork River Corridor / Greenbelt
Beautiful mountain goat in the cliffs above the Salmon River at Pine Creek
Chipmunk a Golden Mantle Ground Squirrel at Moose Creek Estates Idaho land for sale. (Photo by John Goodman)
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Idaho Land For Sale Faqs at Moose Creek Estates Premier Mountain Property For Sale
Moose Creek Estates is Heaven on Earth!!  I’ve always loved being in the mountains, surrounded by clean fresh air, wildlife, pine trees and majestic snow covered peaks.  Moose Creek Estates has all of that and more.  The location is central to so many places and opportunities of things to see, do and explore-whether it be skiing, hiking , mountain biking, motorcycles, quad rides, fishing, white water rafting, exploring nearby ghost towns, wild life and bird watching, hunting, or whatever else the outdoor enthusiast could imagine.    Best of all it’s a place to relax and unwind in an area that is far removed from the congestion of city life where one can truly enjoy everything that nature has to offer.  The effort that has been put into protecting and maintaining the natural environment while bringing about the opportunity to build a cabin or home and experiencing this natural beauty has been remarkable.  You guys have done a fantastic job.  I look forward to many returns visits!! 
Kent Forsey 
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Idaho Land For Sale Faqs at Moose Creek Estates Premier Mountain Property For Sale
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